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Fun with half square triangles…

Way back in September, I took a class at Sewing Summit taught by the fabulous Amy Smart where we learned a super fast way to make half square triangle blocks. (Long story short: stack two squares, draw a diagonal down the middle, sew a quarter inch away on each side, then cut on the diagonal line, and voila, two half square triangle blocks, done!) Awesome, but I just did not know what to do with them. There are so many options with that block! It is sort of overwhelming how many directions you can take it in, know what I mean? I tried a few different layouts…

IMG_5403 IMG_5382And finally settled on a star pattern.
IMG_6132Nothing too groundbreaking there– I obviously love the ‘one block as a whole quilt’ trend that all the cool kids are doing– but I really pushed myself with the quilting, thanks to Angela Waters making everything look super easy in her Free Motion Quilting book. Don’t look too close, because some of those flamey feather things are pretty damn funky, but I’m proud of the overall effect. I’ve always been a chicken, sticking to meandering, so this was way outside the box for me.

Oh, go ahead. Behold, the funk.
IMG_6143For the back, I chose another print from Anna Maria Horner’s Field Study Line, because it had the same orange as the feathers, plus that navy and some gold. It’s the loudest print ever, but I love it. This quilt is staying with me!
IMG_6147What’s that you say? Do I have a picture of the quilt in golden evening light? Why yes, yes I do…
IMG_6159Up next, a charity quilt for Project Night Night! It’s a sweet little pastel jelly roll number. More on that later!

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