Finished projects / Quilts

Finally, a finish.

So do you remember studying Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs in school? Basically, the gist of it is that you take care of your most basic needs before you get all fancy with your time. Well, it turns out that in the middle of a gigantic move with two crazy kids running around, I do not give a crap about quilting or blogging! So all summer long, as we got one house ready to sell, and then moved into a new house, I cared a great deal more about finding out where the hell we put all the grownup sized drinking glasses (still, seriously, cannot find them) than I did about getting anything done on the sewing machine. A dear friend had a baby, and even THAT did not make me quilt. Finally… FINALLY… we’re settled enough that I’m actually able to free up that creative headspace a little and get something done. So that baby, born in July, finally has a quilt!

IMG_5517This one was so hard to get done, and not because it was at all difficult– it was just boring! Turns out I am not a low volume kind of girl, and tan on ivory is just not very exciting for the brain to work on. How the heck do you ladies make king size quilts with 2 inch squares that are all shades of beige? Good lord. That would kill me. They are beautiful, but just… no. Couldn’t do it.

IMG_5520The last few blue stars (from the Dimples line) were a breeze, and I love the Riley Blake fabric on the binding and back.

IMG_5521File under done! FINALLY!


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