Finished projects

If you give a crafty broad some vegetables…

she’s totally going to want to make a fancy bag to put them in.

So I signed our family up for a CSA share! For those who don’t know, this is a Community Supported Agriculture share, where you get a share of the crops from a collective of local farmers every week. You get fresh organic veggies picked that morning for much cheaper than at Whole Foods, the farm gets guaranteed income at the start of the season, everybody’s happy. I’d debated doing this for years, but in those baby and crazy early toddler years, the idea of getting a giant box of random vegetables every week seemed more overwhelming than enjoyable. I knew we would never ever be able to keep up, and it would turn into, “dinner is kale with eggs, and that purple leafy stuff, and peas!” But now, well, now things have settled down just ever so slightly here at Casa Pukanunu, and the idea of a random box full of organic treasures every week seemed more exciting than anxiety producing. So I went for it. With a newsletter from the cooperative came the information that one would need to transfer one’s vegetables from the box that they came in every week, to a bag, before taking them home. Did you get that? YOU NEED A BAG! So bam. Bag.

IMG_4401Mistakes were made, people. That is my third try at that stupid effing corn square, and I wish that in my rush to get it done in time to pick up the vegetables, I hadn’t used such wide sashing in the middle (which is why I added the lettering), but still. I love it. It’s boxed really wide at the sides (5 inches down, 10 inches across), so it is the size of a paper grocery bag. The bag itself is just duck cloth, unlined, and the handles are all one piece of that purple cotton webbing. I didn’t get a picture of the handles, but they are long enough to go over my shoulder. Altogether, easy peasy.

IMG_4402Those veggie squares are paper pieced from patterns by Irene Berry and Susan Geddes that I found here.  I enlarged the block sizes by 157 percent to get blocks just over 5 inches square.

Now I really need to figure out what to do with my new fresh radishes! Help!


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4 thoughts on “If you give a crafty broad some vegetables…

  1. I like you. I like your blog. I like your sews.

    HOW DO I GET YOUR POSTS TO COME TO MY EMAIL?!? I’m not that bright, and I can’t figure it out. 😡

    • You know what? I have no freaking idea. Have you tried bloglovin though? It’s amazing. It just collects all the new blog posts from all your favorite bloggers, and it tells you with this little happy blue button at the top of your browser, when there’s something new to see. I’m a clueless blogger, but I will try and figure out the email thing!

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