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Sawyer Stars Quilt

Finally finished this baby quilt! And then photographed it in diminishing light! Man, I am SO bad at blog photography!

The prints on this one are pretty subtle, especially for me. (I have no restraint when it comes to crazy tacky prints.)

This little number went through a few different design phases while I was putting it together. At first, I thought it was going to end asymettrically, with only four stars, the last one ending not all the way to the corner, and more white space (wait, are we supposed to call it negative space?) in between the lines.


Then, once I’d finished it that way, I realized that the asymetical nature of it was torture for the human brain– it just really needed one more star ending in the corner. The balance was just crazy off without it. But if I added that, I was going to end up with a monster sized quilt, not the baby quilt I was trying to make. So, I ripped out all the extra white rows and tightened up the whole top. And then photographed it at like high noon! (Seriously, I am SO bad at this!)


The backing is this cool pixilated brights print by Kaufman– I love it against the sort of serious looking top.


I’m thrilled with it. It’s not the most complicated design in the world, but it’s mine! And those star points were bad ass perfect. Boo-ya. Now back to paper piecing!

6 thoughts on “Sawyer Stars Quilt

  1. Hi, I don’t know if you are a good photographer, but you’re a good quilter. Beautiful design, makes a great statement in its simplicity. You have a good eye.

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