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Paper piecing. This. Is. Happening.

So I’ve already raved about Sew South and all the awesome ladies and the awesome swag. Well, on top of all that goodness, there were actual skill building classes! I learned the fundamentals of paper piecing and basically decided that it was all I wanted to do for the rest of my life. So it is ON, ladies. The Lucky Star Block of the Month by Don’t Call Me Betsy.


I’m going with all turquoises and oranges against brown. I thought that was totally creative and innovative (brown is the new grey!) until I realized it was the same palette as every cheesy tourist item from the Southwest. *sigh* So, not innovative, but still, I like it.

Here’s my January block, all done. (And totally wrinkly, because I’m travelling with no full iron.)


What’s that? You want a close up on that bad ass center all matched up so perfectly? BOOM. Here you go. (I feel like I earned a little swagger on this, because I ripped out at least one full seam on every quadrant, but it still turned out!)



Hopefully my enthusiasm for this will keep me going through the year. I have a long shameful history of BOM quitting. Apparently I have the attention span of a fruit fly.



5 thoughts on “Paper piecing. This. Is. Happening.

  1. Love it! Your center is indeed fantastic! I hadn’t paper pieced until SS, either- it’s pretty fun, no? I just learned how to make hexagons a few weeks ago from Courtney, and now paper piecing- excellent! (And I love your color combo, too!)

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