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Sew South Reflections

Holy moly, y’all. Just got home from Sew South, kissed the kids and got them into bed, and have my first moment to put my thoughts down on Sew South 2013 (I say 2013 because I must must must believe that there will be a 2014 and beyond!) What an experience! Jennifer Mathis from Ellison Lane Quilts organized the entire event from the ground all the way up, and WOW. Every detail was perfect, every project was inspiring and finish-able, I met so many amazing women who shared my passions, I laughed so hard… it was just delightful. I cannot think of one single thing that could have been improved on, no kidding.

Being a stay at home mom, the toughest commodity for me to get right now is TIME. I grab it in random chunks whenever I can during the week– 20 minutes in between loads of laundry during a nap, an hour during preschool, an hour after the kids go to bed– but I very very rarely have a full day to myself to nurture my interests. To take care of ME. And that’s fine, you know? That’s the journey I signed up for, and I love my kids and the life I have. But still… sometimes, it is just wonderful to have a whole day stretched out before you where no one needs anything from you. And to know that the next day is just like that. *sigh* It’s blissful. It’s restorative. And that’s what Sew South was for me. Soul re-filling. Energizing.

Thanks so much to Jennifer for doing just a ridiculous amount of work to create such an amazing event, and to give us all seriously the most insane, Oprah level, goody bags you have ever seen. Patterns, fabric, batting, magazines, notions– it was a dream bag. If there was a 6 year old equivalent to this goody bag, it would just be a 10 pound bag of sugar and a spoon.  I’m grateful, and I’m honored that I got to be a part of this experience.


Much love to my new sew south girls finding my fledgling little blog for the first time! You ladies were more inspiring than you can possibly know!  xoxo Melissa

8 thoughts on “Sew South Reflections

  1. Oh so happy you were there Melissa and that you sat near me so I could have a chance to know you better! Thank you for coming and for being a part of Sew South. xo

  2. So glad to have met you at the retreat and now I look forward to staying connected online. I am new to your blog but yes, flea market fancy is the gate way drug. 🙂

  3. I loved meeting you and the fact that you had me cracking up every time I was around you. I wish we could have sew south every few weeks!

  4. So glad to meet you and Yes! Look at all of us that found your blog! Great post -we all need a bit of refreshment for our souls now and then! 🙂

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