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Is Flea Market Fancy a gateway drug?

So I had the thrill of going to QuiltCon last month, and while I was there, I was talking to one of the really cool MQG leaders that I met about being drawn to decidedly un-modern 30s reproduction fabrics, and she commented that Flea Market Fancy (the legendary fabric line by Denyse Schmidt) made us all more open to those prints. She was totally right! Flea Market Fancy is a gateway drug!

After staring at these 30s style fabrics in my local quilt shop for the past few months but not knowing what I wanted to do with them, I finally decided… baby quilt! So here’s my version of a pattern called Daisy Chains.


My version has a slightly bigger gap between the chains, because I wanted a little more negative space, and I kept all my chains in the same small scale pattern all the way down the column instead of doing larger print patchwork, because I liked it a little more simple and clean.

I sort of fell in love with those chicks and bunnies.


IMG_3619The back was just plain green– not worth showing except you can see what I did with the quilting a little more clearly– just meandering over the chains, and straight lines in the white space.


Fun project! Love a quick new block!  

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