Farmer's Wife

Ups and Downs

So after two months of waiting, my Bernina 750 QE finally came in! Squeee! So I pick it up, take it home, set it up, and…. it cannot sew a straight line. Not even close. The bobbin tension is just atrocious, no matter what adjustments are made. I try everything, then bring a sample back to the store to show them, and they tell me it is user error and to bring it in and they’ll show me how to use it. So I drag the nearly 40 pound beast back to the store, and…. no straight line. They try everything, and it is just a hot mess. It also gives off a high frequency noise that makes me want to jam a chopstick in my ear. *sigh* The store agreed to send me a new machine, whenever they get another one in, which was very cool of them to offer without much of a fight. (Because, awww lordy let me tell you, I was READY for a fight.) Fingers crossed that the next one works. In the meantime, it’s back to me and the cheapo machine, so no quilting, just piecing.

Which brings me to Farmer’s Wife Block #14, Butterfly at the Crossroads!

How cute is that little sushi roll in the middle of that super old style traditional block?! I’m one block in and I already know that I am in love with this project. There are 29 pieces in that 6.5 inch little beast. The challenge was delightful, and this is one of the tamer blocks in the book! If you’re intrigued at all, give it a go! The book is here. We can be totally behind the cool kid curve together.

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