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Finished the Birds and Berries Arrow Quilt!

I finally finished my Arrow Quilt! The fabric is Birds and Berries by Lauren and Jessi Jung for Moda, and the grey is NuGray by Freespirit. The purple binding and main backing fabric is the Berries print from Birds and Berries. This one is staying with me–  I just love the oranges and turquoises and purples together, and all the little birds scattered throughout the prints.

The Arrow Quilt

This isn’t exactly a fussy pieced monster, but it kept getting shoved aside to finish other projects, and then my machine broke, blah blah blah. Finally, DONE! I’m really happy with it.

It represents two new accomplishments for me. First, it’s the first quilt I just sat down and designed without a pattern, which feels like a big deal. (Although I ended up making it wider than my initial sketch here.)

Second, it’s the first quilt I tried to do foundation piecing with. I’ve seen lots of gorgeous quilts use this method to piece wonky strips like the ones in this quilt, and I was thrilled to find that not only was it not hard to do, it made finishing the top so much easier. Here are my strip pieces on the muslin I used, and what it looked like on the back before I evened it back up. Never mind my messy cutting table.

For the back, I added one more stripe just because I had so much extra fabric and I’d never done a pieced backing before. I think it pulls it all together really nicely. I guess that’s why all you geniuses have been doing it for years.

Arrow Quilt Back


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