A work in progress…

I’ve learned so much and gotten so much inspiration from sewing blogs that I always secretly wanted to start my own, but figured the rest of you all had that covered. Plus, in the beginning I wasn’t inventing new stuff– I was just sewing from patterns and tutorials already out there. Then I started quilting, and making up my own designs, and learning more about techniques and I realized that I might actually be doing stuff that other folks might like to see. So here goes. Pukanunu.com. Welcome!

Obvious question answered: what the heck is Pukanunu? Just a silly term of endearment I call my kids. I also call them Turkey Burger, (as in, “get over here, turkey burger”) but that seemed like a really especially stupid sewing blog name.

2 thoughts on “A work in progress…

  1. Hi Melissa! Welcome to the world of blogging, you are going to like it here! I can already tell you have a great sense of humor! I am going to Sew South, too. Looking forward to meeting you!

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